Shubhada Jambhekar

My name is Shubhada Jambhekar.

I am a Soft Skills Trainer, Content Developer and Translator.  My hometown is Nagpur; currently I am residing in Pune.

When I am not working, I read or play my Sitar or listen to music or cook.  I want to read a lot because I treat knowledge as food for thought and my brain craves appropriate nutrition at regular intervals.  I have been learning to play Sitar for the last 3 years and I feel blessed everyday to study Indian Classical music.  The decision of learning a musical instrument came from my love and respect for music.  I can’t really describe my love for music, it is so intense; I treat music as God since it is limitless in the truest sense and it brings me closer to my soul.  Food, according to me, is love on a plate.  Thanks to my grandmother and mother, I have been receiving a lot of love since the day I started eating and I wish to serve the same love to my family.

On this blog, I have decided to write about everything I feel strongly about.  Hence, the blog encompasses a variety of subjects like my profession, books I read, movies I watched, mobile applications, music, food… topics which are close to my heart, which I give a great thought to.

Know more about me: http://about.me/shubhada/


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Shubhada,
    I believe you had embarked on a self enlightening project. while the learning curve helps alien one’s coordinates against the social/organization milieu, it also invigorates from within and leads to the path of self improvement – some thing that helps self and others.

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