The Problem With Us

“Sone ki chidiya, Dengue Malaria,
Gud bhi hai gobar bhi, Bhaarat Mata ki jai!”

“Mera Bhaarat Mahaan, sau mein se ninyanve be-imaan!”

This is INDIA

Here, the punishment for a woman, commuting late at night with a male friend, is gang-rape of the most unnatural forms; while rapists get free lodging & boarding in jail, even though they deserved capital punishment.

Life comes cheap; children die in dozens because their food was not cleaned before cooking.

Even Durga’s Shakti won’t be enough to get hold of the widespread mafia as it is protected by the sarkaar itself.

We talk of peace with a neighbouring country whose government cannot control its own army.

The ‘rakshaks’ of the country are sinking & we are unable to get to the bottom of it.

And, the most basic of the vegetables cannot be afforded by the common man.

“Hum logon ko samajh sako toh samjho dilbar jaani,

jitna bhi tum samjhoge utni hogi hairani!”

Welcome to the age of un-innocence! …Or hasn’t it always been like that?

We fought over Gods we haven’t even seen; we still fight.  We take pride in learning our religious scripts by heart, but we don’t even know how to apply them to be better individuals.  We had caste discrimination before; now we have caste reservations.  Women stayed behind the veil & did not leave their homes; now they live under the fear of getting raped if they leave the house.  Children blindly believed what their elders taught; now we blindly believe what the journalistic media shows.  Our ancestors were known for being lazy; & now we prefer IT support jobs!  Religion is more important than development. Development ke naam par- khel mein chori, rail mein chori, jail mein chori, tel mein chori, sale mein chori, 2G chori, 3G chori

What’s wrong with us?

We are no. 1 in believing we are no. 1…  Well, we are certainly not no. 1…  We are complacent.  We don’t ask questions because yahaan sab kuchh chalta hai.  We are highly emotional; even a small comment made publicly can spark communal disharmony.  Satire is not taken healthily, creative expression is strangulated.  The environment is highly inflammable.  Development always takes a back-seat; economic situation is going from bad to worse.

I sincerely believe that, all this will change only when ‘governed by people’ would mean every citizen taking part in the development of the country.  By that, I don’t mean taking part in Facebook virtual marches or sending cash/cheques to CRY…  I mean, doing something constructive, challenging the status quo & finding workable solutions to even the smallest of problems.  Like the character Geeta in the movie Swades said, the government is a system, of which people are an equal part.  So we ought to play our part in the system.

Until this happens, things will remain the SAME.

Nearby, a loudspeaker is playing ‘Vande Mataram‘.  I dislike this Only-One-Day Mataram, but just as I get into the mood & start humming the song, the sound suddenly dies out…

There’s a power cut…  Happy Independence Day!


4 thoughts on “The Problem With Us

  1. Can relate to most part of it. People are divided by their cast and not by their capability. Government is something very huge and is beyond my understanding. I am talking about politics here. I have witnessed and heard a lot of office politics as well. You might think that this is irrelevant here.. but i always felt dejected when someone deserving doesn’t get promotion, accolades or increment just because other candidate used what they call ” A JACK” (Jackassss!).

    I live in an area where i can’t think of moving out after 8. Street lights are often broken by whom?? God knows ! Path Holes have made it impossible for me to ride my bike and have left tremendous impact on my health.

    I witnessed group of people riding their bike, eating bananas and throwing leftover intentionally on road so that people could skid. I saw them laughing and making fun of it. They were young, rich and spoilt.

    I never liked my friends’ parents asking me what my surname was. Swear to god, maximum time I saw disappointment in their eyes, probably because they could gauge that i was not brahmin, marwadi, rajput or sindhi.

    If I have to ask myself what i do to make this society better?? I would say.. nothing much.. I don’t donate money to NGO’s nor do i participate in social causes. One day ..( I hope that day comes) when i will actively participate in making this society a better world to live.. I kind of solace myself thinking that atleast I don’t break signals, I don’t cross zebra crossing (most of the times) while i wait for the signal. Yes ! I don’t throw garbage on road. ..There is a lot to say but i don’t want my comment to look bigger than your article.. 😛 ..

    • Thanks Rushali for the comment. I guess your thought process in the right direction has started. 🙂
      FYI, I never ask people to donate money to NGOs because genuine charity organizations ask for volunteering instead of money. So if there is a social cause close to your heart, start volunteering for it. 🙂

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