HTC Chacha & the World of Apps

While there is a part of the world which debates on iPhones vs Blackberries, I had always wanted an Android phone because it is Open Source. I feel special love for Google products because they solve real world problems & are mostly free.

To fulfill my wish, my husband gifted me an HTC Chacha today (it’s my birthday) which made me realize how incomplete I was before having a smartphone. One more thing, I hate touch-screens; it’s just too tedious to use them after a point of time. So basically, HTC Chacha was exactly what I wanted – smartphone, Android OS, QWERTY (keypad is really convenient to use) & a decent 5 MP camera with flash; it also has a secondary camera.

The world of apps intrigues me, is one thing. HTC Chacha’s internal memory is not enough for many apps, is another thing. Nevertheless, the first few apps I installed are as follows:

  1. It just has to be there.
  2. Instagram: Essential if you like taking pictures.
  3. Whatsapp: It helps to stay in touch with friends but uses 11MB of internal memory; can’t move it to SD card.
  4. HBR Tips: Great app for people into Soft Skills & Project Management.
  5. Tumblr: Good for Tumblr addicts; I unistalled it later because I prefered viewing the feed on my laptop.
  6. Flipboard: As good as subscribing to magazines!
  7. Mashable: For staying updated about technology.

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