Internet Acquisitions That Made A Difference

With Facebook acquiring Instagram, today is yet another historic day in the story of Internet! With hundreds of acquisitions shaping the face of Internet as we use it today, here are some Internet acquisitions that made a difference to common Internet users’ lives:

  • Facebook acquires Instagram, 2012: Facebook buying Instagram for $1 billion in cash & stock is a clever move; this means that the photo-sharing communities have been brought together & Instagram’s threat to Facebook as a photo sharing platform has been crushed.
  • Google acquires Youtube, 2006: Being able to use the world’s biggest video hosting service with your Google ID, is the result of Google acquiring Youtube.
  • Google acquires Android Inc., 2005: With its well developed SDK, Android Operating System for mobiles & tablets is not just a treat for its users but also the app developers.
  • Yahoo! acquires Flickr, 2005: Ludicorp had created Flickr in 2004 & Yahoo! acquired it in 2005. Flickr today is the biggest photo hosting platform for professional photographers, artists as well as, bloggers.
  • Google acquires Blogger, 2003: Pyra Labs had created Blogger in 1999 & Google intelligently acquired it in 2003. Blogger is the one of the most preferred blogging engines, a little behind WordPress.
  • Ebay acquires Paypal, 2002: A great move to combine the giant in online payments with the giant in online auction/shopping.
  • Yahoo! acquires Four11, 1997: Yahoo acquiring Four11, the firm that created Rocketmail – gave us the very first version of Yahoo! Mail.

The Internet community is looking forward to more of these acquisitions that bring something new & change the course for the better!


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