Characteristics of Creative People

Creativity is the process by which innovative but situationally appropriate ideas are thought of & expressed.

Though ‘Creativity‘ is a relative term, anything innovative or different cannot be called ‘creative’. The idea has to be novel & applicable to the context.

As per author K. Aswathappa in the book of Organizational Behavior, the typical characteristics or traits of creative people are as follows:

  1. Preference to long-term goals over short-term goals; readiness to sacrifice immediate gains for the sake of long-term advantage.
  2. Very energetic & enthusiastic; infectious amount of energy when it comes to what they are passionate about or highly committed to.
  3. Grudge against the status quo; highly driven to initiate a change where required.
  4. High amount of perseverance, sincerity & commitment towards what they believe in.
  5. Hobbies & specialized interests; a quest to gain more knowledge in the hobbies or interests they pursue.
  6. A strong belief that ‘Procrastination is not a waste of time‘.
  7. Inventive thinking style – a natural corollary of Creativity.
  8. High intelligence; knowledgeable & imaginative.

It is not just today that organizations are seeking highly creative people, the need for creative minds goes back thousands of years ago. For an organization to flourish, it is important that the creative individuals in the organization get a conducive environment to grow & apply their creativity.

So the next time, an employee suggests something brilliant like a mysterious bolt from the blue, you know that his creative streak needs to be nurtured.


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