How to Build Confidence

Some tips to help you build confidence; these are tried & tested!

  1. Learn something new every day. Subscribe to news related to your field, attend workshops or seminars & try to apply whatever you learn.
  2. Take your interests a step forward. For example, if you love listening to music, try enrolling for formal music lessons. If you are developing interest in Ruby programming language, try coding in it, instead of just reading about it.
  3. Do not overestimate yourself. Plan your routine as per your capacity. Set realistic goals for yourself.
  4. Reward yourself when you accomplish a task. It is good to relish success even if it is a small one.
  5. Develop your personality. Groom yourself to feel better. Present yourself in a neat & smart way.
  6. Enhance your skills. Train yourself in various capacities to make yourself unique.
  7. Be approachable & interactive. It is a good habit to talk to people. Find a common ground & strike a conversation. Exchange contact details; you never know when the person might be of use to you or vice-versa.
  8. Learn to accept failures just like you accept success. It is all about what to learn from your experiences & not just the outcomes.
  9. Be prepared to face all situations. Give your 100% in every situation, irrespective of the result. Pat yourself for your efforts.
  10. Smile. It will not cost you much!

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